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Be Safe Kind Well

Be Safe Kind Well, Cotton Bag

Be Safe Kind Well, Cotton Bag

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This expertly crafted drawstring pouch is ideal for cosmetics, personal items, and secret items. Composed of 100% cotton, the pouch is suited for numerous items yet is not water-resistant nor odor-resistant.


  • Individually handmade in New Orleans
  • 100% cotton
  • Ribbon drawstring
  • Not water- or smell-proofColor and pattern may vary slightly
  • Gentle/hand wash and hang dry recommended to maintain color
  • 9”x9” (approximately) when flat, i.e., not filled and cinched closed
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    If our inventory is low or if you want a different product or color with this design, we produce items on-demand, i.e., at your request. You can have whatever you want "Til Ya Die, just let us know.