Our Story

From our early and humble beginnings, following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Til Ya Die began with, of all things, a doodle on a napkin.


Embodying the same spirit and ingenuity New Orleans exemplifies, founder Kathleen McCall sketched our iconic logo - a skull with meaning - and added a name which said it all, i.e., Nola Til Ya Die. A nod to life's reality; some truth and spunk all in one. Today, Til Ya Die embodies the hope, resilience, and solidarity of community far beyond New Orleans...declare what you love...til ya die!

How about that skull?

- Hurricane eyes simply mark a point in American history, i.e., Hurricane Katrina. We never imagined the hurricane symbol would be globally recognized. Back then, we wondered if anyone would even know what is was a year later!

- Heart shaped nose because at the center of all we do is love. It's like asking, "What do you want so much you're just dying for it?" Get it? Your passion. Your craving. Upside down? It can feel that way at times and, honestly, we just like the way it looks.

- The river in the grin mimics the Mighty Mississippi River as it wraps around New Orleans, i.e., also known as the Crescent City. It is a wonderful and inviting smile, don't you agree? Only good vibes come from this skull.

Our skull is always positive and kind, cutting across age, race, gender, and the rest to embrace our similarities and our differences.

Hurricanes weren't the only tragedy.

Just a few years after opening our flagship store, we were dealt an unforseen and devastating blow.

Before the sun rose, on April 23, 2018, a massive fire broke out in an adjacent business, engulfing our offices, warehouse, and very nearly our future.

It burned until everything was destroyed, i.e., everything but the hearts and souls behind Til Ya Die.

We keep going because of you.

We are more than humbled when you thank us for getting you what you want. Seriously, it blows our mind. And, we can't thank you enough!

It's your kindness that keeps us going and makes it fun to work. We believe our brand is so much more than just a cool logo.

Some people call it a social movement. Whatever it is, it's not about us. It's about you...and it always has been.

We spread our wings far and wide.

From New Orleans to New Delhi, you'll find Til Ya Die on locals and tourists alike. And we love it!

Til Ya Die sparks the pursuit of passion in all of us. Show the world what brings you true joy and happily connect with others because of it.

The options are endless for what you love...the times, people, places, things, activities, and more.

What puts a smile on your face? What do you love...until you die? Whatever it is, you are what makes Til Ya Die live!

If you don't see what rocks your world, we'll custom design a visual message for you!

We smile because of you!

Passion and pride are part of who we are. Our signature positivity and camaraderie are an extension of our ownership and you see it throughout our brand...in every facet of Til Ya Die. 

We proudly remain a 100% woman owned, service oriented, and community minded enterprise with a progressive mission: provide high quality items to declare what you love regardless of your personal who, what, when, and where...as long as it's with kindness...we're okay with it.